Traveling Dentist

What is a Traveling Dentist?

A traveling dentist is a dentist that travels to locations away from his or her office in order to provide care to people who cannot come to a traditional physical office due to health difficulties, disabilities, or Alzheimer’ /Dementia. These locations may include private homes, assisted living facilities, and other care facilities.

What procedures can a traveling dentist perform?

As traveling dentists, we can provide an array of dental services such as denture adjustments to treat sore spots, relines to help with loose dentures, and tweaking the bite on a denture if necessary. We can also tighten clasps on removable dentures that have become loose over time, and we can perform denture repairs such as fixing chips, replacing broken teeth, and fixing split dentures. We can also perform exams and cleanings, take x-rays, place fillings and crowns, repair broken teeth, do extractions, treat infections and make new dentures. All of this can be done in the patient’ home!

Do I need special machinery or supplies to have a traveling dentist visit?

Our traveling dentists are very experienced and come with all of the newest high-tech equipment to perform all of the procedures quickly and comfortably.

Are traveling dental services covered by insurance?

The dental insurance would be the same as in a traditional office. We fill out the insurance forms, enter all of the coding, and submit the insurance forms for you.

How can I get started With Dental Home Services? What if I have questions?

Easy! Give us a call at 1-800-842-4663 or contact us via our online contact form.

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